An efficient, flexible and reactive industrial organization

Copelectronic’s skill in the manufacturing of electrical assemblies is recognised in the industry – This highly qualified expertise is associated with an efficient and adaptable industrial tool, certified ISO9001 – Our ambition is to bring customized and reliable solutions to project implementation.

Copelectronic’s methods ensure that the whole process is managed, from production and control processes up to after-sales support;

  • a schedule that includes a ‘per project’ approach;
  • reinforcement of design and manufacturing requirements;
  • an agile purchasing function that, by its nature, sets us apart;
  • managed monitoring and measuring equipment;
  • advice and service.

Copelectronic is able to respond to specific problems, dealing with small as well as large series, even on short time scales when necessary. Our know-how is based on over 30 years experience in the production of electrical assemblies in series for large French and international industrial groups.

  • mechanical assembly and wiring
  • industrial assembly line
  • sequential assembly line with integrated test bench
  • assembly islands for sub-assemblies
  • modular assembly stations
  • assembly area for boards and cabinets
  • integration of sub-assemblies, harnesses and electronic boards small series workshop
  • tools and know-how (B2V and H2V electrical habilitation) ‘on Time’* production